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I am taking a flight from Chicago to Thailand with a short layover (which is a plus). I will be arriving in Thailand at 11:55pm. Any tips for getting a taxi late at night and safely making it to my hostel? I would rather arrive in the morning/afternoon but that will cause me to have a 16 hr layover and pay more. Advice?

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    We arrived at the same time at night. My boyfriend and I were 23 at the time and we felt safe going to the taxi stand outside. Agree on a price before you head to your hostal. Make sure you have the address written down. Lots of cabs late at night. In our experience the cab drivers do not want tips. Hope that helps. I believe it cost us around 350 baht to get to Narai Hotel.... almost 6 years ago

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    • One things I wasn't sure of is when you do get off the plane is there usually taxis waiting to take people, especially so late at night? This will be my first time going and of course I want to be safe. Crystal Ann almost 6 years ago
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    I agree with jkdemonte. Lots of cabs and the taxi stand at the airport should be fine. Definitely agree on the price before entering the cab. 300-400 THB to get to Khaosan Rd., if that's where you're headed. almost 6 years ago

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    • I am traveling solo and I have read that of course it can be more dangerous at night to ride in a taxi alone. I saw in my guidebook that the closest hostel to the airport is Suk 11 and seems like it would be a short drive there. Crystal Ann almost 6 years ago
    • I was going to suggest taking the Airport Link and the BTS, if you'd rather not take a taxi, but at that late hour, your option is pretty much the taxis. Vinh almost 6 years ago
    • Note that you're responsible for highway toll fees. The taxi driver will ask if you want highway/freeway. If you say "yes", you're expected to pay. Vinh almost 6 years ago
    • You definitely want the meter. If you're paying over 400 THB (if you negotiated price), tell him/her you want highway/freeway tolls to be paid by him/her. Vinh almost 6 years ago
    • Sorry for the multiple comments. There's a 300 character limit! Vinh almost 6 years ago
    • This video might help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLdPXhmCypo Vinh almost 6 years ago

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