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How should we dress

about 7 years ago about Thailand

We will be doing the "tourist" things on our short 2 day stay in Thailand. What should we be packing for clothes to wear for visiting temples, museums, etc? We read that knees of women must be covered - is that capri's or skirts? what about shoulders - tank tops or short sleeve tops? for the men - long pants? what about shoes, do they have to have backs or will sandals be OK?

Thanks so much for all of your help

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    Most temples in Bangkok that I've visited provides "sarongs" before entering the temples, for females wearing shorts/mini skirts and for men wearing shorts. As for the upper part, just wear simple shirts or blouses with sleeves just to be safe. For shoes, they're not that strict on footwears, even the plain flipflops is allowed. You'll remove them anyway on some temples as you enter. about 7 years ago

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    It shows respect to have your shoulders covered when visiting Temples. As mentioned, some provide sarongs and fisherman pants. I wouldn't pack anything special, apart from your camera! almost 7 years ago

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    Women=capris and long walking shorts ok. Keep below the knee if you are going to temples.
    Sandals ok. Short sleeves for tourist ok. Long sleeve if for business meetings. Sandals with heels are ok too. almost 7 years ago

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