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    Ride a klong around the canals. Visit Temples. Eat genuine Thai food!!! about 8 years ago

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    5 days isn't very long in Thailand and this question is too broad. If you want some recommendations, please tell us what kind of stuff you like to do? Shopping? Beaches? Trekking? about 8 years ago

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    Never take a Tuk Tuk as they can be dangerous and try to take you to places were they get commission .. Go with Taxis only and always ask to put meter in before you get in.. ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOUR GOING as the taxi driver will also take you to places such as tailors, gem shops, and international Restuarants and Thai massage where they also get commission or fuel coupons
    Never speak to Tuk Tuk drivers at temple sites and other tourist areas as they will take you to places where you don't want to go in the first place
    Also if you want a train ticket go directly to the train station and not a TAT office as they can double the price too
    Apart from these warnings enjoy the street food .. Probably the best in the world and also the shopping .. Generally Thai people are lovely if you stay calm and be polite at all times
    Enjoy Bangkok ...spent over 80 days there in my travels and still coming back for more! about 8 years ago

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    Mainly shopping , sight seeing , enjoying food about 8 years ago

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    Stay on river. Shangra la is fair price. Right on sky train.best transport. See palace and reclining Buddha .vthat is plenty in the heat . Take river taxi to them. Take river taxi at night to see site lite up including the new bridge..upscale shopping at Siam square area. Discount malls called the Platinum about 8 years ago

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    1/ Visit Khoa San road, and enjoy the chaos.
    2/ Take a tuk tuk ride - but negotiate your price before getting in, and insist on no detours!
    3/ Try the coffee from the street carts. It's sweet, thick and strong. So good!
    4/ Visit the floating markets and combine it with a day trip to Ayuttaya, the old capital city just north of Bangkok. (Should be able to hire a taxi driver for the day, for not too much.)
    5/ Check out the Rambutree Village area.
    6/ Take an authentic Thai cooking lesson, and learn to make the most amazing Thai food.
    7/ Get a suit or dress tailor made. (Allow 3 days.) I use 'Overseas Tailors' near Khoa San road.
    8/ Avoid the busy touristy streets for meals. Look for side streets with local restaurants filled with local people. They probably won't have an English menu, but the food will normally be cheaper, larger portions and better than the touristy spots.
    9/ Always remember to smile and be respectful. You are a guest in someone else's country and culture. You may not always understand or agree with how things are done, but then who wants the whole world to be the same? about 8 years ago

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