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I've been taking all the usual precautions but nothing seems to be keeping them away! My legs and arms just keep getting more and more bites every day. How likely is it that I'm at risk for dengue fever or malaria? Am a bit paranoid as ive heard some awful stories.

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    It depends where you are. I've had dengue fever, and though it's a bitch, you'll survive. That said, read this blog piece I did a couple of years ago on the subject: http://www.nunomad.com/blog/the-dengue-and-chikungunya-epidemic-in-southeast-asia/ about 8 years ago

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    Check health websites for at risk areas. I had dengue on koh samui - the mosquitoes that care active during the day so wear repellent at all times. Drinking tonic water helps, as do the mosquito coils (placed by the feet as they like ankles!). about 8 years ago

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    Dengue mozzies are out in the day time and have B&W striped legs. Not sure what your precautions are, but if they're not working, keep trying things until you find the right combo. Mozzies don't like Lavender, Garlic and certain other aromas. Spray the heck out of yourself with lavender water & eat raw garlic every day to change the odor you emit. Also try tea tree oil. But you're best bet is get out of where you are and somewhere where the mozzies aren't - like coastal places without stagnant water or excess prawn farms - or Bangkok :D about 8 years ago

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    As Richard said, it depends on where you are. malaria is rare in built-up urban areas such as Bangkok and Chang mai, but quite common in rural areas. Dengue Fever is everywhere and quite common. You say "all the usual precautions" so does that include wearing long-sleeved (and legged) loose-fitting light coloured clothing? You need to cover up.
    Because Dengue is a viral disease you can get a blood test to see if you've been infected, but I figure it's unlikely doctors will test you unless you are showing symptoms.
    By the way, are you sure it's mossies and not bed bugs? about 8 years ago

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