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Is there such a thing as a guide or local that I can hire to help plan transportation and make recommendations based on what I'd like to do? Are there general areas of the country that I should avoid. Should I just join a tour? Are there research resources that you'd recommend?

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    It depends on where and when you go. Be smart. Don't be alone on a beach at night. Don't travel alone at night. Don't accept drinks from strangers. Be wary of "new friends" even those with families (some of these are set ups, not real families). Don't go to the red light areas alone (or at all). Don't carry handbags that can easily be grabbed. A common tactic is to ride by on motorcycle and quickly snatch the bag. (This happened to a woman friend of mine.)

    Don't think you are safe if you are travelling with a group of women. (A group of nine Japanese women were held at gunpoint and robbed. The women would not fight and the gangsters knew it.) Don't travel by taxis alone at night (one time one took me far from my destination and even calling the tourist police did not solve the problem).

    You can hire a local tour company, but I can't really recommend them. (One girl I met was with a tour company and a motorcycle on the sidewalk hit her. She clearly had some brain damage but the company did not take care of her. Her family did not come over to take care of her. She was confused and alone.)

    Sorry if this sounds like a dire warning but traditional Asian women (not Japan or S Korea) don't travel alone. Many foreign women travel alone and don't have problems, but better safe than sorry. I know one very independent woman who decided to hitchhike to Alaska. Sadly she was raped on the way. Maybe she will never be the same.

    Just so you know I am a professor and have lived and worked in different areas in Thailand for about five years (and other parts of Asia for seven more). I am an older guy and this is the same advice I would give to my daughter. Actually, I would try to convince her to not go to Thailand alone.

    Thailand is a beautiful country but be safe when you go there. If you want more details you can write me here. about 8 years ago

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    I agree to whatever he warned u. But it doesn't mean it s dangerous here.
    Transportation here is almost comfortable but it is depend on when and the location u r living . bts skytrain ,mrt tube in bkk would be more safe than taxi. U need to b careful if u travel alone. It s better to take public transportation if u dont wanna rent personal car. If u bring smart phone with u it would be wonderful for guide. Many app developer here makes many app help u to be convenient to be here. about 8 years ago

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    Plz b careful. Do not take the local tuk tuk as the drivers there will surely cheat . It's safer and cheap in a taxi. We three girls had gone there recently and the travel agency duped us . If anyone tells u about some lucky Buddha do not believe . Try not to trust anyone u meet. Always carry a map with you. Before u try any fruits in the streets ask for the price coz I saw them charge a lot from a group of foreign ladies and when she protested the seller threw a mango on on of the ladies face. They tried to report to a policeman but it was useless. As most the policemen out there do not understand English. It is indeed a beautiful place to visit but there are some people out there who will try and cheat. about 8 years ago

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    I am a sole female traveller in Thailand just now. Don't be scared, just have common sense. Don't do what you wouldn't do at home. Be free and experience Thailand. Get a tuc tuc, taxi bike, sit at a bar and talk to locals and new friends. The Thais are generally friendly and helpful. Have fun. Basic rule..... If you wouldn't do it back home then don't do it here. almost 8 years ago

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