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  • Flying into Thailand will get you a free single-entry 30-day visa. If you plan to stay there for your entire 5 mo, you'll need to arrange & pay for a visa through an embassy. You can choose single or multi-entry visas, but they can get pricey. Doree Simon about 8 years ago
  • The other option (and what most people do) is take a trip to bordering countries of Thailand and getting new visas upon entry. If you cross by land, you only get a 15 (really 14)-day visa. There are many land crossings but it gets inconvenient to keep making trips to the border. Doree Simon about 8 years ago
  • At the airport, ignore the signs for Visa on Arrival apps and go straight to immigration... that is, if you are from the US or most other countries. Enjoy your trip! I just spent a little over two months in SE Asia and it was wonderful. Doree Simon about 8 years ago

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