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Please Suggest. I am going to Thailand, there I stay in Pattaya, from there to Ko Chang, then I am planning to go to Cambodia to see historical places and from there I want to go to Laos, but I dont know what is the best way to get from Cambodia ( Siem Reap ) to Laos ( capital or any other interesting place) and from there back to Thailand, how to make it? Please suggest. I think by bus it is going to be a long trip from all the way up to Laos and it is going to take over day of traveling I believe and from there back to Thailand another day. So I don't really know how to make it best. And what are the most interesting places in Laos to see while you don't possess much time like about a day depends how much time we spend in Cambodia. All in all we have 5 days to spent for Cambodia and Laos starting from Ko Chang. So need to make plan. Please suggest. thank you.

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    You could get a bus or taxi from Thailand to Cambodia but the border crossing can take a lot of time. We got a Bangkok Airways multiple ticket which allowed us to fly in and out of Cambodia (Bangkok - Siem Reap = 45 minutes flight). This is an easy but not necessarily cheap option.

    To go from Pattaya to Ko Chang, I would suggest the speedboat option as this is much faster. We hired a private taxi from Bangkok airport to Pattaya which took around 2 hours. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com
    • Bkk Go south to Ko Chang but my only advice is DO NoT stay at the Tiger Huts there. Real dog boxes. ,on... for $20.00 per night! opaldoug almost 9 years ago
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    Thanks alot, but please suggest as I was pretty much interested in how to get from Cambodia to Laos and from Laos back to Bangkok? how much does plane cost in average and what airlines should I better go with? almost 9 years ago

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    How much time you stay? It sounds like you want to do too many things, it will be a hell to follow you schedule. Thailand is not London or NY!
    - from BKK to Pattaya 1:30 min average, try to go in Taxi as the other options are not comfortable or a lot slower. Even Thais are reluctant to take the bus because it stops many time, and you have to go to the bus station.. in taxi. There are so many hotels in Pattaya, it is hard to give one name. I like one it is Baboona hotel, right on beach road, but it is booked all the time. Taxi should cost 1500 baht, hotel from 600 to 2000+ depends on your budget. There are many place where you can rent day by day, no need to plan, Pattaya is never full.

    - Pattaya to Koh Chang will take you about 3h to the pier with a minivan, then you will wait 30 min to 1 hour depends if the ferry is ready to go, or if you missed it. Then you will spend about 30 min on the small roads to get to your hotel. Minivan will cost you around 500 baht (more -> it is because you are a farang!). Then the ferry is about 100 baht and the taxi to the hotel on the island is about 200 baht. There are a lot of place in Koh Chang and all depends on your style. If you are hi-so, you will like better White Sand Beach or an expensive hotel like Mercure, Nirvana, Chai Chet Hotel (excellent), Flora Italia : price around 2000 baht etc... if you are middle budget you can find for 1200-1800 baht some very nice bungalow on the beach or room right no the beach on Lonely Beach for example. I like Siam Beach resort which have rooms, bungalows or villa, and free breakfast included. If you are backpacker style, Lonely beach have some weird places like Siam Huts or better push to Bang Bao at Cliff View resort where you will pay about 500-600 baht / night with no fridge, no tv, internet slow or not working, ants and monkeys on the rooftop!

    For Laos, be careful, it is not really safe. I would go to Ubon and pass the frontier there, but it is something like 16 hours from Koh Chang!

    Cambodia is more civilized and from Koh Chang you will find a lot of choice of trip all included, I suggest you to take your ticket directly there. Cambodia's border is about 1h drive. over 6 years ago

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