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    Mary, the flooding has all gone, and never really had any effect on tourist facilities in inner Bangkok.
    The bombing: was an isolated incident and several miles from the main tourist spots along Sukhumvit Road. I posted an alert about it which explains most things, here: http://bit.ly/A60arC
    But one report I read said Hezbollah has international bases for operations in Caracas (Venezuela) and Bangkok. Which would indicate they're not targeting those cities, but using them as jumping off spots. Having said that, the Israeli's issued a warning to their citizens saying they believe Hezbollah was trying to attack israeli diplomats and israeli interests (buildings, offices) in Bangkok.
    There've been half a dozen arrests in relation to that plot, so I would think the Thai authorities have shut that one down.
    Anyway, as any government travel advisory will tell you, terrorism is a problem worldwide and an attack can strike anywhere anytime (even your home town!), so while you should be aware of the possibility, I wouldn't let it ruin your travel plans...... generally, and if you take the usual precautions, Bangkok is one of the safer destinations.
    Phil at the safety hub over 8 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I just arrived from a 5 day trip to Thailand. It is now safe to travel to the country since the situations have been carefully handled. There are actually no signs of fear among the locals and foreigners from all over the world cramped the airport to experience the essence of the country. And so make that trip. Enjoy Thailand! over 8 years ago

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    Super safe. No political problems that affects any tourist. It is safernthan most of US big cities over 8 years ago

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