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Have stayed in a homestay. Looking for something off the beaten path

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    Well, this isn't strictly in Thailand, but it's just across the border in southern Burma.

    The MYEIK Archipelago comprises of some 800 islands scattered more or less parallel to the coast of 480 km long Myeik Peninsula on the Andaman Sea, Southwest of Myanmar. Myeik (formerly Mergui) Archipelago is famous and well-known because of its crystal blue water, untouched coral reef and uninhabited islands clustered close to one another. Some are rocky and some are forested which some have sandy beach. Hilly islands are of limestone stretch-out for hundreds of meters forms caves and enclosed lakes accessible at low tide through rock tunnels. Sea swallow (swifts) build their nests higher which can be very hard to reach, the agile collectors are clever enough to get the nest with risk as bird’s nests are valuable for human consumption. The nomadic salons or sea gypsies sail from island to island, stopping off to repair their boats or fishing nets. http://www.myanmarbravo.com/myanmar-destination/myanmar-tanintharyi-division.htmlhttp://www.mergui.org/howtogetthere.htm

    Good luck and post some journal entries about your experience if you make it there! almost 9 years ago

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    If you get there try Rabbit Island, off of Cambodia. Just off of Kep. $4.00 round trip in a long open fishing boat. (Sit in the bow so you don't get soaked) Bamboo bungalows with showers and all that. Rough, but does the job and not bad for $8.00 a night. About 20 bungalows available with a restaurant bar tied in with the bungalows, coconut palms along the beach and lawns along the walk ways. Picnic tables to eat off of and have a few beers. When the day trippers leave you can let your hair down and have a lot of fun... almost 9 years ago

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