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Leaving for a month backpacking trip and have no idea what to pack. Flops are a must but will light weight merrell maryjanes be suffice? Or should I brink along the hikers as well?how many shirts? Skirts? Shorts? Pants and long sleeves? Any input will help! Thanks

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    If you are a walker, you'll definitely want to bring light hikers. Depending on time of year, a light rain jacket, long sleeve shirt(s) ( which can double as a jacket of sorts for cooler evenings or going inti smarter places), flashlight/headlamp, sarong (great as beach towel, sheet, pillow cover, skirt, etc) sunhat, light dress, bathing suit, sports bra. I basically think what you need for a week trip (& adventure activities you will do), will also serve for a month (though I bulk on underwear for longer trips) because I do laundry along the way. There will be plenty of places that will do your laundry all in that area, so pack light! over 6 years ago

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    Tunnsey's right - pack well for one week, get your laundry done cheaply along the way and you'll be fine. One other tip regarding the fabrics of your clothes: take really light fabrics that are loose to wear to let the air circulate. It can be really hot and humid and things like denim jeans will feel like lead weights. I arrived win Cambodia with some lightweight jeans style pants, or so I thought! Within 24 hours I was visiting a market stall and trying on some super loose silk 3/4 length pants which cost me about $6USD. Not the best made clothes I have ever bought, but they lasted well for 2 months and would wash and dry very quickly. Also, be aware that you often cannot have bare shoulders or short skirts when visiting temples - a short sleeve shirt to pop over the top of a tank top is very handy. over 6 years ago

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