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Interesting places that I MUST witness, what I should experience to make my stay there a memorable one.

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    The Grand Palace is a must, and would also add a wander through the large food and spices market down next to the river, and also the lying Buddha. And you've got to take a tut tut ride at night.
    You can get a Taxi to Grand Palace and there a few temples around there most Hotels do tours so look into that I good taxi driver can be hired for a few hours if you want to go your own way be careful of taxis outside hotels and Jewellery shops and clothes trip by them too
    A night trip on the River cruise and Dinner is a great way to end the day if you are in that area
    Pat Pong for copy goods and bar areas just for the experience and again dont go in bars that you dont want or you get conned for drinks and Bar girls etc Dont worry its quite safe its busy and touristy
    Definitely get a massage and foot massage. Foot massages cost around $5 and massage for about $7-$8. about 9 years ago

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    That is an amazing info! Thank you so much! And please, if there are more info, do share :) about 9 years ago

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