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1month total, where should we split our time? How to get to/from, where to stay, where to eat? We will be there in February, all advice is welcome! Thanks

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    Thailand is a country of many scenic spots. It's great if you go there. But why not visit Vietnam, my beautiful country? Vietnam is one of the beautiful country in the world which is shaped like the letter 'S' and is part of mainland Southeast Asia.if you want to travel Vietnam, you still worried about procedures, please call me I'll help you about 9 years ago

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    One month is a short time to try and fit in all the best places in three countries. Also remember that travel times in a country like Laos can be slow... and transport erratic. For my money, I'd split your month between Cambodia (~2 weeks - angkor wat, Phnom Penh and the beaches like Sihanoukville) and Laos (~2 weeks - Travel north from Vientianne to Luang Prabang which is a really beautiful and special town).
    I've been to Thailand briefly and Vietnam for 6 weeks and both times was impressed by how well they served tourists (things are well organised, lots of hotel/guest house options etc)... however, what I really craved was the SE Asia I had in my mind; the charming, different, chaotic, off the beaten track, non westernised version. And this isn't to be found in Thailand - but I certainly found it in Laos. about 9 years ago

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    Vietnam was on my original list but I want to do Vietnam as it own trip. We have family and friends Traveling through Thailand at the same time that's why we are making that our main focus. Laos and Cambodia are being added as bonuses? Is this to much for 1 month? If so which would be a better experience, Laos or Cambodia? And why? Keep the feedback coming, it's greatly appreciated! about 9 years ago

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    Did this trip in 2009 with my wife & 2 kids, & had a blast. We have been to Cambodia again twice,but would love to get back to Laos. So peaceful &beautiful. When in luang prabung have to go to the moon bear rescue center, out at the entrance to the popular waterfalls. Run by an Aussie &is good to see the bears being able to play &live their lives again. In Vientiane we went out a bit &stayed at the riverside Eco resort which is built on a river. Fantastic bungalows & staff great & cheap. When we went to Thailand we caught a slow boat up the Mekong from luang prabung which takes 2 days, but was awesome seeing the river & it's many villages &kids etc. the stop over in a small town isn't great though. just out of luang prabung is a number of elephant safari attractions. We did a 3 day, 2 night stay, where upon arrival, you get given your own elephant which is yours to look after for the duration. Washing,feeding,riding bareback etc. my 7 year old will never forget it &fell in love with these gentle creatures. In Cambo we always love Siam reap with the temples etc but it is getting a bit touristy in the town &getting sleazy with prostitutes &some drugs. Really disappointing as it is such a great place and to fly in &see Angkor wat from the air is awesome. Try Battambang. We have been there twice & loved the Eco hotel we stayed at. A day trip on tuk tuk will cost about $30 &our guide took us every where! Killing caves, temples that not many tourists visit, towns markets. Really good &you see rural Cambo. Sihanoukville was ok on the beach,we decided to go out to bamboo island for two nights,which is like being castaway with basic bungalows &one restaurant, but was fantastic &great experience. went to kep last time &stayed at jasmine Eco resort with great tree top bungalows &peace. Nice waking up to the sound of gibbons in the trees. We hired motorbikes for about $5 a day &travelled around ourselves to kampot &local attractions like pepper plantations &fish sauce factories. I can tell you straight, after Laos and cambo, Vietnam is very disappointing. The people are not friendly &will try to rip you off. That said, we had a great time in phu quoc, Hanoi, hoi an & dalat. about 9 years ago

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    Thank you so much for all the advice!!!! I can't wait!! about 9 years ago

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