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Already have worldwide travel insurance but can only increase cover to 5449m. Am climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (6000m) 21/7 - 28/7

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    Hi Sherrie,
    You've most likely already started your climb, but just in case; if you already have a policy without Level 3 coverage for hiking up to 6000m, you'll need to purchase a new policy for the time you need the coverage for. As, unfortunately, you're unable to adjust the level coverage on existing policies.
    I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!
    Safe travels,
    Sarah - World Nomads over 1 year ago

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    Hi Sherrie, I' m not sure that my advice will be of any reasonable help to you as time already passed. So, as for the insurance policy, you should have the one which is to fit the climbing the Kilimanjaro, and it is 5 895m, as far as I remember. We ordered our insurance police in Birmingham in advance, but some from our team had the police which was not quite suitable for climbing tours. Luckily, our local travel agency had the partner who managed to make a new one within some hours, although it was a delay because all of us had to wait till they arranged everything. After that, I advise all to find such info beforehand and be sure that you have prepared everything. Although there are always unexpected moments of surprise that you can't predict. By the way, the agency in Tanzania is https://en.altezza.travel about 1 year ago

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    Hi Sherrie, wowee, Kiliminjaro is one of those stand-out African destinations. As one of the iconic 'Seven Summits', it's the full package of views + experience + an intense work-out! You've probably already completed your journey but if you ever plan another, Timbuktu Travel can combine an already incredible trip with some other 'bucket list' spots in Africa. I've included this link for you to check out if you do want to see even more of this amazing continent - https://www.timbuktutravel.com/experience/summit-kilimanjaro. about 1 year ago

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