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malarone tablets are they genuine

almost 11 years ago about Tanzania

i live in cyprus , going to tanzania. malarone anti malaria tablets are not available in cyprus so had to use dr fox on line. i am now worried these will not be genuine. has anyone else used him?

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    I just got some of these yesterday from a reputable source here in Australia (http://www.traveldoctor.com.au/) and they are $8 per pill (!) to give you a guide. Personally, I'll pay the cost to get the cover. Malaria isn't the sort of disease you want to skimp on ... almost 11 years ago

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    I cant get malarone either (in the Middle East) so took the doxy stuff and this worked fine in Tanzania.

    I cant comment on Dr Fox. Sorry. But if in doubt, then get some alternative malaria tablets from a source you can trust as malaria is something you want to avoid at all costs. almost 11 years ago

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    Be careful with Doxy as it can cause huge photo-sensitivity in certain people and I can tell you it is very unpleasant! Tanzania is home to the chloroquine-resistant strain of malaria so Malarone (or Fansidar - but watch out for psycho dreams and mad reactions) is your best bet. If you are not stopping over anywhere on the way to Tanzania, (where you can visit a local doctor who may have the equivalent of Malarone), then you could chance arriving in Tanzania and getting something on arrival. Not ideal but still a workable solution. Any chemist, hospital and doctor in the larger cities have malaria prophylactics on hand.

    Either way make sure you get the best thing you can for YOU. Everyone reacts differently to medication and malaria treatment is no different. Make sure you cover up at sunset and sun rise and have a bottle of anti-mossie spray handy at all times. almost 10 years ago

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