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    To protect the investment you've made if there any unforeseen circumstances.
    Plus, we offer other great services such as language guides, tips to make you a smarter traveller, travel journals, and an opportunity to give back through Footprints.

    Check this out:
    http://www.worldnomads.com/travel-insurance/what-we-cover about 5 years ago

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    To get an MRI done in Kenya after you have broken your arm in Mwanza. In 2014, there was only one MRI machine in TZ. I was at the largest hospital in the 2nd largest city, but they had only an archaic x-ray machine. The results of the single picture taken was fuzzy. The head surgeon misdiagnosed my broken arm as dislocated and he tried to wrestle it back into place. After at least 5 hours in the emergency room (short of staff), I left still holding my own arm (no supplies available). I love TZ. After my hospital stay in Kenya, I returned to TZ for six months while I was healing. Then, I continued on my RTW. I was traveling alone. Without insurance it would have been difficult to get treatment in a timely manner. I was in horrible pain. The electricity and water were down the next day. It took over 6 pharmacies to find a sling. I was in terrible pain. They paid for two seats on the plane to Nairobi so that no one would jostle my arm. Imagine if it had been more than a broken arm...I was just walking to the docks to catch my ship across Lake Victoria. I wasn't climbing, snorkeling or anything risky. over 3 years ago

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    My thoughts on travel insurance... I ask myself: Does this country have the medical technology if I get hurt to put me back together or to treat whatever is wrong with me. (Think worst case scenario!)
    Basically, the more 'third worldish' the country is, the answer is YES.
    I've gotten insurance for Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Nepal, China, Antarctica and Costa Rica the last few years.
    Also to protect your investment if the trip is expensive like Antarctica. about 2 years ago

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