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My friend and I are 22 years old and traveling to Tanzania. We would love to go on a safari on our own, but are wondering if we should try to find others to come with us for safety purposes. We know it would also be cheaper if we found more people to go with, but right now, safety is our main concern!

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  • I bring groups of middle school to Tanzania every year in connection with our sister school projects and it is quite a safe country in which to travel. You can look at our website for kids on traveling, or contact us if you want specific recommendations. www.waterpowerpeace.org playforpower over 8 years ago

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    Hey Ali,
    I don't think safety would be an issue for you guys. I went to Tanzania in 2008 and didn't find any harrassment of any kind from men (go to Egypt and you'll find that on every corner!). It's more the poverty, pick pockets & beggars coming up to you in the street that you need to be aware of. over 10 years ago

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    I do agree. I went to Tanzania last year and I never felt security was an issue.
    Of course there a probably some areas in Arusha that are not recommended for tourists, but again, if you go there not showing your money all around with a camera and a watch that worth several months of salary there is no reason you have a problem.
    The other thing is going there on your own: the parks are just huge (serengeti is the size of belgium) and there is most risks of getting lost that being robbed... over 10 years ago

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    I found Tanzania to be safe - three women travelling - but, as in all cases of travel, you need to use your common sense and be really aware of where you are and your surroundings. I wouldnt go out at night unless I had a taxi booked, I didnt wear much/any jewellry, I kept my camera hidden and my money dotted around me.

    We booked very last minute and were incredibly lucky that our guide was fantastic and provided us with a degree of safety that we might not have otherwise felt. He was very honest about the situation, reminding us that poverty is an absolute reality to most people and that tourists are sometimes not as aware as they should be.

    For example,he advised us only to use cash points that have guards on them and not to use them at night. I couldnt believe in Stone Town on Zanzibar that armed guards were outside the banks whilst people were accessing the ATMs.

    You will get people asking if they can help you find a taxi/hotel/safari - be polite but firm. Dont put yourself into an awkward situation. We stayed very much to well lit areas and went to more western bars. When we had our guide with us we ventured a little more into the local community - but dont forget, we are as "odd" to them and I was amazed by their curiosity.

    Tanzania is a friendly country having never been at war with anyone. The people pride themselves on that, and it comes across as a very peaceful country. over 10 years ago

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    A safe, budget option for a safari in Tanzania is to travel in an overland truck with a group of young travellers like yourself. Overland travel companies book seats on their overland trucks and take anyone and everyone on adventure safaris through Africa. All you have to do is pick a trip.

    There is such an awesome vibe on the trucks. Definitely one of the best ways to travel for young female travellers. Great fun! almost 9 years ago

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