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I am scheduled to travel mid October with a mission group providing veterinary care.

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    wow a mission group , i am a solo traveller heading to africa nov 3rd no actuall plans how to get onto a mission group and catchn up for a couple weeks doing volunteer work, any ideas, , also places to def see and travel, and how , a i am a female solo traveller about 8 years ago

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    I would say where ever you go, there are good as well as bad guys. All you have to do is stay away from the bad guys and make friends with the good guys. In your case, I guess you will be hosted by the locals. Usually, locals are ought to protect their guests in most tribes of the world. It is a matter honor to protect a guest no matter who he is. Osama is the most vivid example whom the local tribes could never ask to leave as he had taken asylum before the world could contact those tribes. about 8 years ago

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    I was just traveling in Zanzibar one week ago. I'm a 24 year old female traveling with another 20 year old American woman. We had no issues at all traveling in Zanzibar. The locals were friendly and helpful. I would suggest though, to dress conservatively as to portray respect toward the locals and their faith. Just be considerate of your surroundings and respectful of the people there and you'll have no problems. Enjoy! about 8 years ago

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