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    All of it. They are in the midst of a revolution. about 8 years ago

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    I see from your profile that you're Australian - our government presently advises that you DO NOT TRAVEL to Syria because of the unrest and the political uncertainty it is causing. There's a lot of sense behind this warning.... the Syrian government is using live ammunition to put down the democracy protests.
    You may consider yourself a seasoned, veteran traveller and well-equipped to stay away from trouble (if you're not, don't even think about it), but be warned.... because of the unpredictable situation it may be impossible for anyone to come to your assistance in the event of an emergency - which is why a DO NOT TRAVEL advice has consequences for your insurance (you might not pay heed to the warning, but the medical teams normally assigned to come to your aid certainly do!).
    Given that you're going to a volatile and potentially dangerous place, it would be unwise to go without insurance, however.... generally speaking, a Do Not Travel advice will mean it is almost impossible to find a regular travel insurance policy to cover you - you'll need specialist cover (which is of course expensive). about 8 years ago

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