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My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Damascus Syria for our anniversary. We are looking for a gay friendly hotel anyone have any suggestions?

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    I think it's very unlikely you'll find one - at least not one that's openly gay - because homosexuality is illegal in Syria and the law is strictly enforced. Consequently (and sadly - and annoyingly) this means you'll have to be very careful about showing affection for each other in public otherwise you might fall foul of the local police. Open displays of affection might also earn you the ire of any locals who see you. Syria is not the place to be openly gay.
    Can I add, that Syria is in the midst of political turmoil at the moment - there are daily demonstrations, and the gatherings after Friday prayers are particularly volatile. Obviously these protests don't usually occur in the tourist areas, but still, given both those things perhaps you might consider moving your celebrations elsewhere? Oh, and happy anniversary! about 9 years ago

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    Beit akbit in the old town is very welcoming to all. We stayed there in march ,had a wonderful stay, close to all attractions in the old quarter almost 10 years ago

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    Do not go there is a war in syria , and the prisedent of syria killing his pepole almost 9 years ago

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    I would like to advice you not to go there in the mean time. almost 9 years ago

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    People will be friendly regardless of what your preferences are. However, the key to you being respected is for you to have respect. Syria is Muslim nation. Therefore any type of affection (homosexual or heterosexual) is unacceptable in public. My recommendation to you in general is not going to Muslim nations. Not because of disrespect but if your trying to be relaxed and a little open with your relationships that's not at all where you should go.. almost 9 years ago

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    Syria is safer than ever right now. I visited this summer and it was beautiful! I advise you to visit.. Just don't make it obvious that you are gay over there, most will not accept that you are. almost 9 years ago

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