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Last week there has been a few attacks at the captial, Damascus, including at a holy shiite shrine and many more other cities in Syria. Since than we have lost all contacts with our family. A few days ago a phonecall from Sweden came and claimed that a member in Syria came across death records or certificate of somesort containing info of our sisters?!

I am writing to ask you from the bottom of my heart if you can help us with this issue. My husband hasnt been himself since that phonecall and I dont know what else to do. Can you or do you know of any organisations whom have access to death records from the start of this month in Syria?!

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    Kynah, you really need to talk to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, get their advice. They may be able to help you with official government approaches. I know how desperate you must be feeling but please consider the risks before making any decisions.
    Just a suggestion, but have you tried using Twitter... a lot of information is getting out that way.
    Phil at the safety hub. over 7 years ago

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