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I have booked a holiday for 2 weeks to Hammamet in Tunisia from 31st March. Are there any dangers or restrictions in that area or in Tunis, the capital?

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    Tunisia is very definitely in turmoil right now. There have been several large and often violent demonstrations since the assassination of the opposition leader. Tens of thousands took to the streets of Tunis and other cities on the day of the funeral. In the capital there were 6000 - however - it was a peaceful rally with little or no violence.
    Tunis is obviously the centre of protests, and the focus is on the Interior Ministry situated on Avenue Habib Bourguiba, a central boulevard in the heart of the capital. Several hotels are nearby including Hotel Carlton, Hotel Africa, El Hana International and Hotel Tej Tunis. You should use caution while travelling in the city centre and avoid all public gatherings.

    Hammamet is somewhat different - it is a resort town, where the main business is tourism. Everyone knows civil unrest frightens tourists away. During the 2010 revolution it remained calm, and there's every expectation it will do so this time - but always keep an eye on news reports, or ask hotel staff if there's an indication of trouble.
    If you stay close to the resort areas and in the souk and don't stray too far it should be fine.
    If you're still concerned, ask your hotel about what extra security measures they have in place.
    Phil at the safety hub. almost 8 years ago

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