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    Sudan, South Sudan and the areas of Kenya bordering Sudan are subject to travel warnings of the highest order. My government (Australia) for example recommends that you do not travel to those regions for any reason. Be aware that if you do go there against that advice you will have great difficulty in making a claim against your travel insurance. So, if you are injured or get very ill it is very likely your insurer will decline to assist - you really need to be self-sufficient in every respect.
    Kenya is also in the throes of a war with Somalia-based insurgents. There have been attacks along the coastal regions of northern Kenya. There have been terror attacks in Mombassa and in Nairobi.
    Speaking of nairobi, its nickname is Nai-robbery, street crime is very prevalent and you'll need to be very cautious.
    On the up side - if you're travelling with a guideed tour, or going to a game safari the danger is much reduced.
    WorldNomads.com has some other safety tips here: http://journals.worldnomads.com/safetyhub/country/110/Kenya
    Phil from the safety hub almost 6 years ago

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    There have been attacks in America and any other country you care to name!!
    I have travelled in these areas as a single Englishwoman and would whole heartedly encourage you to take the trip. I lived in Northern Sudan from 2009 to 2011 and encountered nothing but generosity and the warmest welcome and respect. Several young women took the journey from Kenya to Sudan overland and had no problems, other the expected discomfort, delays etc,
    Take the normal, common sense precautions and respect local customs regarding dress as you would travelling anywhere and don't be put off by negative news.
    You will have a wonderful trip almost 6 years ago

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