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    Travelling around Sri Lanka either as a group ot on your own is fairly simple. The West, Central & South sections have an amazing rail system while most locations have good access to buses (choose a safe one).

    Drivers with vehicles are also readily available...we use a driver for 30 days & he drove & stayed with us all over Sri Lanka for $US 55 per day...this meant that we could stay in a central point & travel out to explore the surrounds in comfort & leisure.

    Feel free to contact us at: australia0811travels@gmail.com for our 2012 & 2013 travel itineraries. about 5 years ago

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    You can travel either in group or your own. No matter which you use also. But traveling by buses and trains are very unpleasant in Sri Lanka. Unless one or two journey by train you have to use an privet car and a driver for a comfortable tour here.

    If you can travel as a group it is also more useful and profitable to you. Because you can share the amount among you. Then each have to pay a less amount than individual. For more details www.visitsrilankanow.net about 5 years ago

    Answered by Lasantha Dasanayeka via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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