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    Really depends on your bank's ATM rules. We are from Canada and had an account with the bank that we use that didn't charge us for foreign withdrawals. So we used the ATMs in each country as we traveled for 8 months as we feel you get the best rate at the ATM. Any currency exchange place always has to make their profit margin in addition to the banks margin they are getting the money from. ATMs in Sri Lanka didn't charge for ATM withdrawals but your bank might charge you a fee. If they are charging you a fee, it still might be a better deal to use the ATM but get enough money out to cover your trip. There are a lot of factors that can change how best to answer your question. over 7 years ago

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    ATM, easy, uncomplicated, use as pith Bank and the are no local fees, can withdraw up to R80ooo per day, safer about 7 years ago

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