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    Sri Lankan transport in a word, sucks. It's slow and your best bet is to hire an overpriced car/taxi and bargain like crazy. I didn't have time for the long trains so that was my only choice. If you have someone to split the costs, it's not that bad. almost 9 years ago

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    We caught trains, buses, and tuk tuks all over Sri Lankan and enjoyed mixing it with the locals. From Galle back to Colombo we couldn't get the train (in Nov 2011) so we went to the bustling bus station and secured an "express bus" to Colombo. It certainly stopped a lot for an express bus and was slow and sweaty in the heat. That cost us about $1.50 AUD. For twice that we could have got an air conditioned minibus, but we were told we would have to pay for our backpacks to have a seat too since they were big and the bus was small.

    There are plenty of buses that regularly and it is just a matter of asking around to find the right one. Just be sure to get more than one answer. We got directed to the bus from Nuwara Eliya to Galle thinking it would leave at 7am. We didn't realise until the 7am bus took off that we had been waiting on the 8am bus! Meant we got a great seat but also that we watched our desired bus leave while we waited another hour longer in the station :( almost 9 years ago

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