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    Sleep during the afternoon (11am-5pm)
    When you run, watch out for the locals and the other runners. They will push you over or in the bulls path. And don't run drunk.
    Get to the town by 6:30am if you want good spots to watch the run. Have one morning on the street and have one morning in the stadium.
    Have your white and red clothes!
    Have sangria! almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Alex Siegers via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I'm assuming that you are going to run with the bulls. First of all, don't try to downplay nerves, it's natural. A healthy amount of nerves will keep you focused and help you to do better. Don't try to be a hero or a superstar. The run if I remember is a little over a mile. They release two groups of bulls about five minutes apart. You will not outrun them for very long if at all. They run every morning of the San fermines, so if you want to watch the first morning cool. Get there no later than 7am. I suggest walking down the route during the day before you actually run it. There is a famous corner for people and bulls slipping at (Calle de los Mercaderes and La Estafeta). Don't run after you've been drinking. If you fall, then stay down with your hands over your head. They will come by and tap you when it is safe to get up. This also helps with other runners not running into you, and causing a big pileup. If you run into the stadium before the bulls, then the people will boo you. Some have been known to throw tomatoes or something at you if you do that, but usually just boo. Once you run into the stadium, then they get all the bulls put away. Stay there and they will release a bull at a time out of a long hallway that will run around. People try to grab and hit the bull with rolled newspaper. Or just try to tease it, or jump on it. They release a few bulls then. At the entrance every time they release a bull, they pile down in front and the bull runs and jumps over. Best not to be in first row or last rows, because sometimes the bull won't clear the jump and steps on people. It tries not to though. The bullfights aren't until later in the evening, you have to have tickets for those though. If you run, you get in free in the morning for when the bulls run around. You can always jump up into the stands after you get in if you want.

    Enjoy the whole festival. Fireworks shows at night, concerts, dancing, drinking, lots of history, awesome people, great traditions, parades; I wish that I could do it again this year. I truly loved this whole festival, talk with the people. They are extremely friendly and love to party. over 8 years ago

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