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I want to know where I can find the best "tapas" and spanish traditional food in Barcelona.

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    Sagardi in the gothic quarter is a great place to go - they have a proper tapas restaurant as well as a more informal bar with apple wine and a mixture of mini sandwiches - photo and link to location here http://www.flickr.com/photos/ousby/2266903235/ almost 12 years ago

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    Have a look to Passeig del Born, a trendy area where you can find new cuisine "tapas" style bars and many traditional bars. I specially recommend Bubbo next to Santa Maria del Mar church, have a taste to their awesome desserts. almost 12 years ago

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    As Josetur said, Passeig del Born is a good area to go for 'tapas'.
    'Pintxos' usually consist of a slice of bread with different ingredients atop and are typical from the Basque Country. My favourite place of the kind is Bilbao Berria, next to the Cathedral in the gothic quarter, but Sagardis are good too.

    If you look for a very traditional and cheap place try Can Maño in Barceloneta: http://barcelona.lanetro.com/restaurantes-caseros/can-mano-307264 It's a small family-run restaurant which was very famous among fishermen years ago and seems to remain the same nowadays. They have a good selection of tapas and they prepare tasty fish dishes.

    Also in Barceloneta, the most crowded place I've ever been to: La Champañeria - Can Paixano (http://trustedplaces.com/review/spain/barcelona/restaurant/1o32p8z/can-paixano) The sandwiches are good quality and very cheap and cava is a bargain too, so it's difficult not to end up a bit tipsy. It's so packed that if you aren't careful you could splash your clothes or step onto another person (making friends!). Anyway, if you like lively places, don't mind eating while standing on your feet and aren't claustrophobic, then it's an option.

    Another place I always recommend is La Esquinica, in Horta: http://11870.com/pro/la-esquinica Horta is a nice district a bit further away from the city centre but well-connected by metro. You won't find many tourists there but this restaurant is rather famous and if you don't want to wait so long you should book in advance (well, they don't make reservations, but you can go there a couple of hours earlier and pick a number). In spite of sometimes being so busy that you feel rushing, food and prices are good... and it's very traditional.

    Other good traditional places (more expensive) are Cal Pep (http://trustedplaces.com/review/spain/barcelona/restaurant/1i1648a/restaurant-cal-pep) and Els Quatre Gats (http://trustedplaces.com/review/spain/barcelona/restaurant/1f5337p/el-quatro-gats).

    Enjoy them! almost 12 years ago

    Answered by Nuria García via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I think one of the most interesting in town that serve Tapas Tapas in Barcelona is Úbeda Gin & Tapas. There are 3 restaurants in town and you can taste traditional Spanish recipes served in small pans, quite cheap and delicious. Lovely small wine menu and you can't miss their gin tonic.
    It worth a visit. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Marta García via Site_iconTravellr.com

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