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suggest important cities not to be missed in spain

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    Hi! Spain has looooots to see for two weeks so i would recommend to choose a zone. For example the south: Madrid--> Toledo --> Badajoz --> Sevilla --> Cadiz --> Granada --> Jaen --> Madrid
    Or the North/east: Madrid --> Avila --> Salamanca --> Leon --> Asturias (if you want Cantabria, but i think it would be too much)--> Burgos --> Segovia --> Madrid
    Or you could do the "can't miss": Madrid --> Viscaya --> Barcelona ---> Granada ---> Madrid

    Those would be my suggestions (assuming you will arrive to Madrid). It depends in what you want to see and how much do you want to stay in each place :) over 2 years ago

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    As Sofia said, depends what you want/how long you want to stay for. When I had 7 days I did Madrid - Zaragoza - Barcelona. If you need to get back to Madrid you could head down to Valencia - Alicante, then back to Madrid, depending how much time you have.

    Madrid and Barcelona are definite 'not to miss' (Madrid was my favourite, found Barcelona too 'touristy'). Zaragoza isn't an obvious place, don't think many people go there, but I loved it. Cool Roman ruins, a Moorish castle (I believe it was Dorne if you're into GoT). Also a great restaurant in Zaragoza and generally great food! over 2 years ago

    Answered by Nat via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Depends upon weather you are driving, taking bus or train. Driving gives you the most options. We traveled to Madrid, Segovia, Avila, Toledo, Granada, Rhonda, and Gibraltar by car in two weeks generally staying two days in each city. We flew into Madrid, got a car and drove to Segovia the first day. We had two full days in Madrid at the end and returned our car as soon as we got to our hotel in Madrid to save two days rental. The airport budget picked up the car at our hotel at no extra cost. Took a taxi to the airport and saved about $100 this way. Avoid driving in Madrid. The other cities were easy enough to drive in except parking was usually difficult. over 2 years ago

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    Lots to see. We. Spent 10 days. I would recommend Madrid 3 days, get car drive to Toledo 2 days, drive to Córdoba 1 night, train to Sevillle 2-3 days, train to Granada 2-3 days, there are some cool caves on the coast that we didn't have enough time to see so I would add those 1-2 days, train to Barcelona 3-4 days- have fun! about 2 years ago

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