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Travelling to Algeciras

over 10 years ago about Algeciras, Spain

I'm travelling solo in Europe for the first time in July. After a few days in Barcelona I'm heading for Morocco and have 4 nights to travel through Spain to Algeciras to catch the ferry. I will see hardly anything in that time so am thinking that one place - either Granada or Seville or the coast - would be best? Should I go by train / bus or just fly? The reports of high temperatures are concerning me!

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    It all depends on what you are looking for - Seville is beautiful, there is a lot to see and do there - but to me, its just another big city. If you want sun and sand, and relief from the heat, then the coast is probably your best bet. Valencia may be worth a look.

    Questions to help your decision: How do you plan to get around? Do you have a rail-pass? If you do, I'd say overnight trains are your best bet - You'll save money (as you can sleep on the train) and you'll likely see more. If no rail-pass, check Ryanair out - Cheap, and not quite as terrible as people claim. over 10 years ago

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    Hi Moira, hi Karl,

    Valencia is a very nice place, but I sugest you visiting an amazing place my friends introduced me to: Conil de la Frontera. I know it's in the other way round but still close to Algeciras (and buses running from Cadiz to both places).

    Conil de la Frontera has the magic of mix of Moorish, Spanish and hippies. You can spend days there relaxing at the beach and nature.

    Or maybe you can go to Málaga, between Algeciras and Barcelona. (you may take a night bus.. cheap and good enough). over 10 years ago

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    Hey thanks for these ideas. I will be travelling by train - probably without a pass cause I'm only making a couple of train trips. I checked out Conil de la Frontera and was amazed to see how many bars it had. Must admit that kind of put me off - maybe I'm too old to get excited about bars. I should have said I have passed the official 1/2 way mark in life! Both replies have given me more stuff to throw around as possibilities. Thanks. Much appreciated. over 10 years ago

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