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Hi there

This summer we are going with some friends to ibiza, we are going to be there the first week of july and we wish to rent a holiday home as it is less expensive then an hotel. After looking thousands of websites we finally found the a villa that we like : http://www.divinovillas.com/vacation_house_for_rent_in_san_miguel_de_balasant/profile.htm . Unfortunately I can not find any review of this property so my first question is:

1 - Does anybody know this villa?

2- The Villa is located in San Miguel area so the north of the island. As it is for us the first time in Ibiza does anybody know if North has good beaches?

3- We are not only looking for night life however we would like to go out and enjoy the discos in Ibiza at least twice. Does anybody know how long does it take to go from the north to Ibiza by car.

Thank you for your help!

Asked by Giorgio Toscano via Site_iconAirTreks

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