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Where can I get a SIM card with a 3G data plan in Spain? How much is it and which telecos should I look for out for? Preferably for iPhones. I'll be there for a two week stretch!

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    You can find many companies with this service, the only problem is that it is necessary to have a post paid plan to have good prices and I do not know if it is possible to get a post paid being a tourist.

    Pre-paid options are available but more expensive. The thre maind companies are Movistar, Vodafone and Orange but there are many other options much more cheaper.

    A good option is Pepephone. You can buy the prepaid or Post paid SIM in the travel agency "Viajes Halcon".

    You can find all these companies on the web to check the prices. over 8 years ago

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    I have seen lots of prepaid cards in Spain. You get get them at Internet cafes which are almost everywhere. Each come with different rates so it depends on where you want to call. They are cheap. You can get one for 10 Euros. But I'm not sure about the data plan. It's probably not bundled and will be expensive to use I think. Can someone chip in on the data plan? Also they mostly come in the regular SIM card size but you can cut them into microsim if you have a cutter. Not sure if they can cut them too. Does anyone know if there are any prepaid cards in nanosim size for iPhone 5? over 8 years ago

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    • all iphones from the iphone 4 onwards require the microsim. yeah it would be good if they do provide the service to cut it as well =/ Debbs. over 8 years ago

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