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    Spain is pretty well serviced with trains, and they are reliable but they are a bit expensive. If you're travelling on a budget the best way to go is by bus.

    The bus company that runs from Madrid to San Sebastian is ALSA - one of the two main bus companies in Spain (the other is Avanza but they don't run a route to San Sebastian).

    Their site is http://www.continental-auto.net . Search for the route 'Madrid' to 'San Sebastian/Donostia'. Donostia is the Basque name for San Sebastian. It costs 33 euros and takes 6 hours. Buses leave every few hours but you should book in advance - buses are often full.

    All buses leave from Madrid in Avenida de America bus station, which is accessible via easily followed signs from the Metro Avenida de America.

    Another way - recommended only if you're travelling with company - is hitchhiking. It's more common in Europe than in, say, Australia. The word in Spanish is 'autostopista' and the thumb-out signal is universal! A great way to practice your Spanish if you're keen, but all you really need to know is "van ustedes a San Sebastian? Por favor, pueden llevarnos?"

    Happy travels! over 7 years ago

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    Thanks!!! On ALSA now trying to book!!! Thanks for taking the time to Help! over 7 years ago

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    Travel by bus. The company is ALSA and the web www.alsa.es. It is possible to check the price, time table and buy the tickets.
    Another possibility is to travel by train, wwww.renfe.es, but it is more expensive. over 7 years ago

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