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I'm going to visit the Guggenheim. How long should I spend in the city? Is there other stuff to do? (I'll be travelling with 4yr old kid)

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    1 to 3 days should be more than enough. And that is if weather is good. over 9 years ago

    • Thanks Enrique for answering my question. I never made it to Bilbao in the end... the Icelandic Volcano last year diverted my flight to Dubai and I was stuck there for a week. So Spain has had to wait! I'm planning to try again in 2012 and am grateful for your advice ;-) Christy McCarthy (WorldNomads.com) over 9 years ago
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    I agree with Enrique... Bilbao is a great city by there's no more to see for 3 days or more! almost 9 years ago

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    I think 2-3 day is fine. Bilbao is a small city that you can visit it in 2-3 days. There are several places in the surounding of Bilbao that is also worth it to visit. almost 9 years ago

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