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I am borrowing a friends car for a car trip around northern spain and I was just told that northern spanish police can be pretty scary. I dont have a piece of paper saying that my friend has lent his car to me. Will this be a problem? Am I likely to be pulled over and this sort of thing checked?

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    Ho hum. While the chances of you being pulled over might be small, these guys can be pretty crude when they do. Perhaps get him to send you an email, just in case ... almost 10 years ago

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    Hi ! I am from Basque Country and I am pretty sure you will not have any problems with this. As a local Im not worried about this so, even less if I was a tourist. Just have your ID with you (like everywhere actually).

    Enjoy the travel in San Sebastian-Donostia and by the way, dont forget to taste delicious "pintxos" in the city center !
    Its not a casuallity that 2 of 8 top Ten-Restaurants of the world are in the Basque Country (http://www.theworlds50best.com/module/acms_winners?group_id=1.html). Enjoy! almost 10 years ago

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