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    Depends on what you eat.... Street food (tents on side of streets) can be quite cheap like 1000 to 4000 won. At restaurant, soups and noodles are like 6000 to 10000 won.. Casseroles and bbq are more expensive...like 20000 to 30000 won about 9 years ago

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    Tony has it spot on. Also, if you're into your standard fast food franchises you can find burger meals for under 10 000 won. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by j9vanlog via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    McDonalds/Lotteria/Burger King meals $7 to $9 USD. BBQ on a grill with a beer $15 to $25. Street food snacks maybe $1 to $3. 7-11 ramen bowls cost $2 or $3. 10,000 Won = 9 US Dollars. Food prices in Seoul are the same as California and New York, but maybe a little higher than the rest of the USA. Bargain meals can be found very easily. about 8 years ago

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