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    I can tell you that the Daegu area has a good subway and lots of good shops, theaters, and restaurants downtown with plenty of foreigners. I did find the city to be a bit dusty at times while subways are really clean. about 9 years ago

    Answered by Zach via Site_iconAsk a Nomad iPad app
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    It all depends what kind of place you are looking for: city or "rural".
    I live in Busan and am loving it. It's the second biggest city in the country with all you could need just around the corner: markets, clean and efficient public transport, bars and clubs, beaches, mountains, a lot of foreigners to hang out with. It's more chilled than Seoul in the north and the weather is more bearable in summer (less rain and floods) and winter (not snowing 24/7) than the north. There's also an international airport on the west side of the city as well as a major KTX train (the fast train) stop you can take for a weekend to Seoul. Intercity buses to absolutely everywhere in Korea departs from the north and west side.

    As for Seoul, it's bigger, faster, maybe a bit more western cultural things thrown in the mix, than Busan. Some people love it, others like it just for a weekend. There are more and a bit higher paying jobs here than in the rest of the country, but do be weary about the hagwons (private schools).

    As for "rural" - it's Korea. There are buses absolutely everywhere and the country isn't that big, so you won't get stuck in some forlorn valley.

    Living in a small village/city is not that bad, especially if you are looking to experience more of the Korean culture. People tend to look after the foreigner a lot more than in the bigger cities. Neighbours know each other and you'll occasionally find yourself getting a bucket full of kimchi from a random person on the street. The middle and south west part of the country is concidered as more rural, with Seoul in the north and Busan and Daegu in the south, being the bigger cities. On the east coast you will find the Gyeongsambuk-do province just north of Busan, with a lot of foreigners being placed in this area, meaning it can't be too bad living here.

    All-in-all, doesn't matter where you end up in Korea, you'll find yourself managing, fitting in and finding friends. Korea is a great, easy place to live in. about 9 years ago

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    Seoul. Seoul. Seoul. Seoul is amazing. Busan would be great too.Note that you WILL spend more money living in the city. Rural isn't always that bad if that's what you are up for, just make sure you are near a bus or subway to get to a bigger city if you need/want to. about 9 years ago

    Answered by ame via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    It depends on what you're looking for and your life styles.
    Are you in 20's looking for city life and convenience? 30-50's with family for cultural experience?

    I was born in Seoul and have been traveling abroad since 80's and wouldn't want to live there now because it's a typical big city
    (like Tokyo, London, NY) with heavy traffic, fast life style, too materialistic and caught up with convenient stuff instead of Natural aspects.
    If you like a smaller rural area like myself, try Chun cheon, Pyung taek.(both are near Seoul within 1.5 hr of driving)

    Enjoy ROK and have lots of Korean food for me.

    pk from Italy about 9 years ago

    Answered by Paul Kim via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    All of the other responses have been spot on and it really depends on what kind of experience you're looking for. In my opinion, you don't have to be in the center of Seoul (which can be really chaotic) to enjoy it's benefits. One requirement of mine was that no matter where I lived it had to be connected to Seoul via the subway. My city of Ansan has all of the modern conveniences I need, but when I feel like going into Seoul I'm only an hour away on the subway. Good luck! about 9 years ago

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    Wow, good explanation Jeanne Marie Joubert. I was in Busan for 10 day, it was amazing, I would like to return. about 7 years ago

    Answered by Humberto Herrera via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I would say Seoul, Busan or Jeju... about 7 years ago

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    Uijongbu is a really good place to live. The Shin do branew apartments are very nice ! It's rather expensive but a lot if military families live there so you'll see a lot of English speaking people there about 7 years ago

    Answered by Lee via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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