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- shopping (cheap places and good bargain)
- eating (authentic Korean food and delicacies)
- communication (are there lots of english speaking/understanding people?

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    Shopping - namdaemun, dongdaemun, myendong. You also can go shopping at Ewha Woman University area (cheap goods, can bargain, some can understand english and fir souvenior of course)

    At the most visitor place they have a information counter. Some of them can understand english. But you just try to mix with simple korean so that they can understand. From my experience, korean people really friendly sometimes they willing to help you even they can't communicate in english. As advice you just learn basic korean for shopping, eating and greeting. They feel happy if visitor try to talk with them in korean. If you are lucky they will give you discount.

    For food, most of the korean food are easy to find. Street vendor are everywhere for tteokbokki for example...

    Enjoy you trip =) almost 8 years ago

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    thanks for the advice! almost 8 years ago

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