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    for me, I think that Nami Island.
    I love it ! It's so beautiful. over 8 years ago

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    I lived there or a bit a lifetime ago, so definitely research other possible points of interest, but of course, a stay in Seoul is a must. Lots to see and do from old historic parts of the city to the new and modern.
    The DMZ is interesting, and there are several world heritage sites in Gyeongju. I had friends in Pohang, a steel seaside town so went often and liked it enough, but don't know if it has any appeal otherwise, other than surrounding countryside and mountains.. over 8 years ago

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    National Folk Museum of Korea in the Korean way of life of people in ancient times, from prehistoric times to the great European family. Tools for professionals. Costume Cooking. In particular, the kimchi. Korea is considered to be authentic and real. over 8 years ago

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    Thanks for all advice. Your advice help me a lot. over 8 years ago

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    Jeju island. over 8 years ago

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    1. Seoul - Insadong art street, Dongdaemun and/or Namdaemun markets, Cheonggyecheon stream, Korean War Museum, National Museum, National Palace, East Palace, old hanok houses, nightlife, ooh so much to list here.
    2. DMZ tour and third tunnel of aggression (best tour is via the U.S. military's USO office, available to *most* foreigners with a passport and at least a 1 day advance reservation; incredible access inside the JSA)
    3. Busan - waterfront, fishmarket, Beomosa temple, markets, nightlife, famous Lotte and Shinsege department stores, and Haeundae Beach
    4. Gyeongju- Bulguksa temple, tombs, and Gatbawi shrine (near Daegu)
    5. Daegu - Dongwasa Temple, Yakyeongshi Medicine Street, Seomun Market, Ubang Tower Land, and downtown nightlife
    6. Jeju Island
    7. Andong - Hahoe Folk Village and nice farms
    8. Ulsan - Hyundai town and beach
    9. Yeosu - harbor town, turtle boat, and Expo 2012 site
    10. Muju - alpine skiing in winter, hiking in summer, and Haensa Temple about 8 years ago

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    O From Incheon Airport to Seoul : 1.The cheapest way from Incheon Airport to Seoul is by subway (about 4000 won). Look at a subway 9 linemaps. 2.The simplest way is bus(20,000won)
    O As Seoul is too large,you have no time to visit elsewhere.
    O SEOUL CITY BUS TOUR - total 8 bus Circulation
    ** BUS1. City Circulation Tour (Single-Decker Bus)
    This tour stops at all of the major tourist attractions in central Seoul.
    Fee: Adults 10,000 won / Children 8,000 won ,1doller=about1,300won
    Hours: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. (Last bus departs at 7 p.m.; 30-min intervals) During 30-min intervals time ,you can enjoy the around.

    O Route: Gwanghwamun(free) → Deoksugung (pass) → Namdaemun Market (free)→ Seoul Station(pass) → USO(free) → Yongsan Station(pass) → National Museum of Korea(free) → War Memorial of Korea(free) → Yongsan Army Base(p) → Itaewon(free) → Crown Hotel(p) → Myeongdong(famous main street) → Namsangol Hanok Village(free) → Grand Ambassador Hotel (p)→ National Theater of Korea (p)→ N Seoul Tower (expensive 9,000won)→ Hyatt Hotel(p) → Shilla Hotel(p) → Dongdaemun Market(free) → Dae-hang-no(free,small pretty main street) → Chang- gyeong gung (1,000won) → Chang deok gung (3000won 16~18C Palace) → Insadong(free) → Cheongwadae (Blue House) f→ The National Folk Museum(free) → Gyeong bok gung (3000won15C,19C Palace) → Gwanghwamun(free)

    ** BUS2. Night Tour 1 (Single-Decker Bus)

    O Youngman Main street 1. Hong dae 2.sin chon 3. jong no 4.myeng dong 5.dae hack ro(small,pretty)6.gang nam(small) 7.ap-gu-jeong (small)
    O University Circulation :1. Seoul uni(too far) 2yeon sae uni 3.Korea uni 4.etc
    O Sleeping place : hotel(?) motel(hotel price1/3 35doller) sa-u-na (co-sleeping,clean,inconvience,about 11doller)
    O Transpotation : t-card itself:1dollar, subway,bus: 1dollar
    O Security: Nobody does not have gun. Anybody can walke any street alone even AM 3:00.
    O Weather : http://worldweather.wmo.int/ ==>Suitable clothers, O Digital camera about 8 years ago

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    Jeju island , Seoul *Han refer* almost 8 years ago

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