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Hi there
Start of August we are planning to take a sailing boat from Panama to Colombia (Cartagena) and we would like to head forward to Manaus. The plan was, to take some busses from the coast of Colombia via Venezuela to Manaus. But we heard that it is not recommandable / advisable to cross the border between Colombia and Venezuela due to crime and other security issues. Is this true?
Or do you have any other ideas how to get to Manaus quite cheap? Flights from Colombia to Manaus are going back to Panama and costs about 800$!

Thanks for your help!
Best regards,
Sibylle and Urs

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    Cross-border violence, kidnapping, drug trafficking, smuggling, and cattle-rustling occur frequently in areas along the 1,000-mile long border between Venezuela and Colombia. Some kidnap victims have been released after ransom payments, while others have been murdered. about 9 years ago

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    Why dont you do this = first panama+cartagena in boat, second cartagena-medellin-bogota or cartagena-bucaramanga-bogota by road its safe.
    third Bogota-Letitia in plane and fourth Letitia-Manaus by boat, there is no problem on the way, letitia its frontier with Brazil. about 9 years ago

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