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Does anyone have helpful hints about ways to keep your money, and or passport safe while traveling in South America? I have a money travel belt, but was trying to figure out if I should hide cash or cards in different places in my luggage just in case.

Also, any tips on keeping my bags safe while traveling down there? Locks? Can I leave them at youth hostels?

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    Hi Kristen, I'm from South America so I might help you a little bit.
    Unfortunaly, pickpockets are quite present in most places. So there are some things you should do:
    - When around people, always have your bag in front of you
    - Don't show around shiny watches, cellphones, pads, laptops, cameras, etc...
    - Leave important documents in the locker at your hotel or hostel
    - If you need to carry them, scan all your documents and send the image to your own email, so in case you loose them, you can print them easily
    - Have some pocket money for the criminal (literaly, walk with some little money to give to the criminal if they are violent and put the bulk at your money belt), this way he wont look for more
    - Don't put anything in the back pocket of your pants...

    I don't want to scare you but things happen. But I have already backpacked most of South America and had no problems.

    These two articles might also help you:

    One with general tips on who to travel safety: http://outofyourcomfortzone.net/travel-safety/ (and examples of travel scams)

    And one about how to pack you backpack with some safety tips: http://outofyourcomfortzone.net/how-to-pack-your-backpack/

    Good luck and enjoy your trip! :-) almost 3 years ago

    Answered by Marcio via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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