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I am planing a backpacking trip around Central and south America for a least 6-12months. Its a little more last minute then I wanted but its a go and I have some questions and am seeking some advice and thoughts. Especially from some who have experience backpacking with their gear.
The main thing I will be trying to shoot are landscapes and wildlife. Im not sure exactly what gear I should bring with me and what bag to use.
I currently have a LowPro Rover Pro 45L

and will be using a lowepro sport photo 200 aw in the front.

As for camera gear, this is what I have.

tamron 17-35 2.8-4
nikon 20 1.8
AF-D 50 1.8
AF-D 60 2.8 micro
sigma 150 2.8 macro
AF-S 70-300 vr
AF-S 300 4
kinko tubes
kinko 1.4 tc
10 stop ND
Manfrotto tripod

What Im thinking about bringing is...

20 1.8
60 2.8
300 4
kinko 1.4 tc
For some reason I feel like I am missing something. But if you think I can arrange that better let me know.
I know the 300 f4 is a little big and heavy to carry around but, I do really love that lens and if I was in a situation where I needed it I would hate myself for not having it.
I'm also thinking of picking up a Surface Pro. Am thinking about an SP4 but might settle with an SP3 to keep the cost down a little. I will need something to work on while I travel. Ill pick up a couple pocket drives to work off of and back up. And back up to the cloud when possible.

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    Wow! I think you'll need a guy to help to bring your gear around! I'm joking! Even if I have a Canon equipment, I think you're too heavy to move freely. I use to backpack and my gear is: Canon 7d, Canon 100-400, Canon 15-85, a polarizer and a nd filter, some batteries, 3 cf and a Manfrotto 190xprob tripod. I think that less you bring, more you'll enjoy your trip, too equipment means too weight and too worries... If i was In you I would bring: D800 + 17-35 + 50/60 + 70-300 + other equipment. This is my opinion, only you know what is best for you. But remember to stay light. Enjoy your trip almost 3 years ago

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    thanks, Thats not to far off of what I was thinking of bringing. almost 3 years ago

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