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Alright man here it is!
COLUMBIA-3 weeks, I fly into Cartagena, and I was thinking on goin to Cali, Bogota, and Medillin
PERU- 2 weeks, see the sacred valley, Lima, Cuzco, go through the Nazca lines, Machu Pichu, maybe the Inca Trail, Lake Titicaca, a trek through the Amazon
Bolivia- 2 weeks, La Paz, San Pedro prison, Sucre, Lake Titicaca, bike down the world’s deadliest road, go through the salt flats
Patagonia- 1 or 2 weeks??- Not sure where to go actually, I heard good things about Bariloche, Torres Del Paine, El Calafate, El Chalten, and Ushuaia. Not too sure where to go but by the time we go (about Mid/Late June) I was thinking Bariloche would be an awesome place to visit.
ARGENTINA- 2 weeks- In Argentina I really wanted to see Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Iguaçu, even go to that ferry to Montevideo in Uruguay, and maybe even hit up Asuncion in Paraguay.
Brazil- 3 Weeks- Now here is where I kind of have nooo clue where to go! All we really know about (city-wise) of major cities is Sao Paulo, Rio, and Florianopolis. We could go to Santiago or Mareus but it might get pretty expensive if we fly all the way across Brazil, so we still have stuff to figure out.

So that’s about 13 or 14 weeks in South America!

Do you think it's too much stuff? Not too much? Anything else I'm missing?

PLUS! I was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips on if it is hard to get a job at a hostel in cities like Cusco, Buenos Aires, Rio, or Floripa? I totally would love to do it!

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    That's going to be a hell of a lot of travelling. Maybe a little too much in my opinion. To get down to Patagonia takes more time than you'd expect. But where there's a will there's a way.
    I spent 3 weeks in Columbia as well. Think that's a decent amount of time, but if you want to do as much as you are planning, I'd do 2 weeks there and have a week extra at least in Peru. You haven't mentioned Taganga, Columbia. I think that's well worth a visit, probably more so than Cali.
    One of the best things I did was take a 3 day cruise down the amazon on a cargo ship from Yurimaguas to Iquitos (the largest city in the world that is unreachable by land). This is a good place to experience the amazon. Then maybe fly to Lima or Cuzco from here. Buses in many parts of Peru are unreliable and time consuming.
    La Paz would be a good place maybe to work in a hostel. Loki or Wild Rover are unreal. They have the same in Cuzo so maybe work here instead. Big party atmosphere! Inca trail needs to be booked at least 3 months in advance and will be one of the best things you ever do. So please book it now!!!!!! San Pedro prison is off limits now, even taking photos from the outside are forbidden. Guards will delete them from your camera. The death road is still there though, and well worth doing.
    If you chose not to take my advice on Iquitos. Then another way to see the amazon, is to go to Rurrenabaque in Bolivia and do a Pampas Tour. Really good fun and cheaper than a similar tour in Peru or Brazil. It's 3 days 2 nights staying in a lodge and cruising about in a little boat with a local guide in the middle of the Bolivian amazon basin. It includes swimming with dolphins, fishing piranha, searching for anaconda during the day and alligators by night. Epic.
    Argentina. Buenos Aires in particular is amazing. You could probably spend at least 2 weeks here and do see everything. Patagonia is beautiful but so vast. Maybe consider a few flights in this neck of the woods, coz your going to be running out of time and probably a bit over the buses by this point. I'd give cordoba a miss and do Mendoza instead. Beautiful wine country. Iguana simply breath taking. Argentinian side is better. over 7 years ago

    • Thanks a bunch Alex! I might have just planned a bit too much haha. I dunno about Patagonia now cuz once I get there it's gunna be late June/earlyJuly. I love snowboarding and I hear Bariloche has some great slopes BUT it might be just way too damn cold! LivinLife33 over 7 years ago
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    Chile is nice. But I think is a bit overpriced you can do anything there in a neighbouring country for cheaper.
    Brazil I can't help you with. I was running out of cash so I had to give it a miss.
    I hope this is of use. Let us know if you need any more advice. over 7 years ago

    • No problem at all! Yea I think I might ckip Chile for THIS trip, totally gunna see it on my next one. But yea I stumbled across a place called Huacachina, and HOLY SHIT that place looks amazing I know It's kind of a outta the way but it'd totally be awesome to do some sandboarding and dune bugging! LivinLife33 over 7 years ago
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    Hello, I'm brazilian citizen. and i do all this trip you're planning.
    In Brazil, if you can came from Iguazu, Argentina side, cross the board , to Brazil and take a bus,( it's good and safe), in the Brazilian side - Foz do Iguaçu City, and go Curitiba around 9 hours. Cust around U$ 60.00 .A fligth around U$ 220...around 550 km.
    Them in Curitiba, i recommend Balneário Camboriú or Itapema, 3 hours by bus... beautifulls beaches and less expenses them Floripa.
    Or take a bus to São Paulo, u$ 50 or to Rio , u$ 70 , this is the most expenses cities in the South America.
    I see very difficulty you take a good work in Brazil, the same in Argentina, for a few days. over 7 years ago

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    • Thanks a bunch for the help! Yea I was looking Floripa up and it seeme like it could get pricey! But I'll totally look up these cities and check 'em out. But yea do you know if I can get a Brazilian visa in Buenos Aires? Thanks again for the info! LivinLife33 over 7 years ago
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    About Patagonia, it is vast. You would have to plan carefully what to see. Only a few of the major places are connected through a flight within Patagonia. For the others, you have to go back to Buenos Aires ( over 3 hours flight) and then go back to Patagonia again. Then, plan accordingly. You may take a flight in Buenos Aires to Trelew, and spend 2/3 days in Puerto Madryn, for whale watching. Then fly from Trelew to Ushuia, the southest city in the world (2/3 days). Then from there take a flight to El Calafate, where you would like to spend 2/3 days to see the glaciars and then go back to Buenos Aires. Bariloche is also a really nice place, but I think you have to go to Buenos Aires, and then fly to Bariloche from there. You would need at least 3 days in Bariloche. If you do thatt, you may want to take a bus from Bariloche to Mendoza, and then a bus to Buenos Aires. over 7 years ago

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    • Holy shit! haha I might have to do Patagonia another time! Do you think that Patagonia might just be a bit too cold around Late June/Early July?? Cuz I love snowboarding and hear AWESOME things about the slopes of Bariloche but think it might just be too damn freezing! LivinLife33 over 7 years ago
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    Something important you may want to know: you can get into the Iguazu Falls, by bus, from Buenos Aires. It will take around 24 hours. It's also a 2 hours flight. The falls are in the border between Argentina and Brasil. So, it's a place in which you may want to connect your trip from one of those two countries to the another one: it could be your entrance into Brazil, from Argentina or, viceversa, it coud be your entrance into Argentina, coming from Brazil. Also, you mention you would like to visit Asuncion, Paraguay. The falls are located just few kilometers from Paraguay. Actually, tourists on the area visit Paraguay as well. The major Paraguayan city in the area it's named "Ciudad del Este", a huge open market. From there you can take a bus to Asuncion, it's a 5 hours trip to the Paraguay capital city, which is very colonial, nice architecture. Just 10 kilometers from Ciudad del Este, you may want to visit one of the biggest hydroelectric dam, which it's named 'Itaipu'. The another one is in China (The three Gorges), which has a higher capacity, but it's close few months every year due to weather conditions. However, Itaipu it's open the whole year. Enjoy the falls, it's a must place to go!! over 7 years ago

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    • Dude that's so sick! Totally gotta see Iguazu! Right now I'm just thinking that I just totally have too much "planned" for my trip. I think I might just go with a open flexible and sights I'd like to see and see what happens! LivinLife33 over 7 years ago
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    You also mentioned Uruguay. As you said, there is a ferry, departing from downtown Buenos Aires, and ending in 'Colonia' and/or Montevideo. Both are nice cities. But Colonia is closer, you can go and return to .argentina te same day. Colonia has been declared as a Heritage Site by Unesco, it's a colonial town, very nice. Don't miss this in your trip! Also, trip trip will give you the opportunity of navegatin in the 'Rio de la Plata', the widest river in the world. Enjoy Uruguay! over 7 years ago

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