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We're looking for a place in SAmerica that will be great for renting a small place for a few months. Will be looking for moderate seclusion but with outdoor activities (like walking etc) close by. We're keen for some entertainment and local culture too- good restaurants and bars are necessary! We're happy to be near a bit city but not in one, or maybe a smaller town we don't know of yet. We'd love to know where fits the bill- possibly in Argentina, but open to suggestions across the continent. Thank you!

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    If you have the possibility to come to Brazil, there are great places like you described. You can stay in cities close to the capitals. The cities I know about and recomed to you are: Curitiba, Sao Paolo, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. You can stay in small cities close to these capitals, enjoy the small cities and visit the big places whenever you want to. See If you are interested in any of these places. Im from Curitiba and just got back from Rio de Janeiro. I felt very safe there. The City is just amazing. If you choose to come to Brazil, please let me know and i will give you some tips about the country. about 6 years ago

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