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I'm due to go on my travels to south america next year starting in santiago, and was wondering if it was safe and feasible to use the public transport to travel from country to country. Eventually flying home from Rio. Any advice and tips would be much appreciated. Thanks Lynne x:)

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  • Hi thanks for the advice everyone. I plan 2 months but can extend as it's at the end of my trip. The main countries i want to visit are peru, bolivia, chile, argentina, and brazil. Any further advice on routes/travel plans would be much appreciated. Thanks lynne lynnie3 over 7 years ago

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    I don't know about Chile, but I'd guess taht they have a good public transportation services. Definitely, you can travel by bus in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. I wouldn't recommend you buses in Bolivia, there are always a lot of accidents. I tavelled by bus in Peru, and it was a good service as well. I don't even know about Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Enjoy Southamerica!!! over 7 years ago

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    I live in the south of Brazil, and I advise you to use airplanes to go from Chile to Argentina (people say the road in The Andes can be dangerous), if you plan to go to Uruguay as well there is a boat that makes the rout from Buenos Aires to Uruguay ( I'm not sure if this goes all the way to Montevideo, but it will go to Punta, witch is great). And there is the Brazil part of your trip. How long will it be? Because from south to Rio is like 2.000 km. Let me know to help you out. over 7 years ago

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    First you should decide which countries in south america you will visit. This continent is pretty big, about 7,500 km from the northern area of Venezuela (caribbean coast) to the Argentinean Patagonia. The quality and safety of the Public transportation services could be very different for each one of the countries you finally plan to visit. I might say that Chile and Uruguay are the safest. In the middle of the road, I would rate Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. Avoid Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. over 7 years ago

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