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I know some very basic words, not enough to say a whole phrase or a series of phrases.

I have read about the travel culture in S.A. and I have talked to friends who live there, etc since I am obviously gringo; can solo travel be done (I'd say yes) but would it be wise to? (some say no) but I don't want to have to rely on someone to make sure I am not taken advantage of if I want to stay awhile.

I could seek out someone who wants to travel, if they don't ind I can't speak Spanish, of course I have the translator on my phone but I don't think that will prevent scams.

I've been told many of them are nice, but they have a tendency to take advantage just because you can't speak their lingo; is this true in ALL of S.A. and Central America?

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    Of course it should be attempted! Don't ever let something minor like a pesky language barrier get in the way of your travelling!
    Tourism has developed in SA over the last few years and I found it quite easy to get around, even if you don't speak Spanish. There is so much information around on the internet that you can quite easily organise your trip before you leave, for example: finding out where bus stations/hostels are before you arrive in the next town. That way, it is only a matter of playing charades and pointing to your destination on a map.
    You are going to pay more as a gringo due to the fact that you can't easily ask around for cheap places/transport but that doesn't mean you will get scammed. South America is full of wonderful people eager to help, you'll have a great trip!
    Try looking at wwoofing or similar projects to get a less gringo experience! over 6 years ago

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    That was my thought if I couldn't ask specifically I might pay more a bit; but one can't fault them for that and I'd have to say that's pretty normal so we'll see. over 6 years ago

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