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  • Take them to Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium where you can watch the penguins or relax while watching the movements of the huge kelp forest. There is the Natural History museum that has an excellent dinosaur exhibition. Aladam888 almost 6 years ago

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    We were there a few years back in September and there were a couple of other people there at the time, but not particularly crowded or touristy.
    I guess it depends on whether a tourist coach turns up at the same time.
    There are also colonies on Robben Island - so you can do two Cape Town 'things' at the same time. almost 6 years ago

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    I was at Boulders about a month ago and didn't find it busy at all. Plus, you can walk to the right of the parking lot (rather than go down to the beach on the left) and walk down a path to see penguins in a bit quieter area. There is a gate to walk through, with a person who will ask how many in your party. They should not charge you (there is a fee to go to the beach). almost 6 years ago

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    Boulders is lovely for the kids! Last time I went was in march a few years ago and I swam with the penguins :) almost 5 years ago

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    Boulders is definitely the place to go, I go there often and it has never been super crowded and there is plenty of space for people and penguins alike - and a nice place to take a swim in summer! almost 5 years ago

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