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    Idikwu, It hasn't been considered "safe" to travel to Somalia for more than 20 years, and the current drought and famine isn't making it any better.
    The central government controls about half of the capital, Mogadishu, and a the rest of it and the country is in the hands of war lords and rebels. The southern regions, where the famine is worst, are controlled by an Al Qaeda off-shoot which kicked out the humanitarian agencies providing relief last year - hence the famine.
    As a result of the often violent political instability, the warring between factions, the threat of terrorism, kidnap and high levels of violent crime, many foreign governments advise against all travel to Somalia.
    Significantly, the US, UK and Australian governments advise you do not travel there - significant because the advice from these nations is how most travel insurance companies determine if they'll offer cover. It is extremely unlikely you'll be able to get regular travel insurance for Somalia, so if something does happen to you (injury, kidnap etc) you'll be unable to call on anyone for assistance.
    As for food.... the famine is concentrated in the south. If you're in Mogadishu and have the money you will be able to find sufficient food. Sadly, famine is a consequence of extreme poverty.
    If you intend to go to Somalia as part of a humanitarian organisation, you need to speak to them about the specialist insurance they offer and what arrangements they have made for your safety. about 9 years ago

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