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we are planning a short trip to Slovenia in the first week of December. What can we expect from the weather/climate? What is the nicest region to visit in that period? Things not to miss, best things to do?

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    You could base yourelf in the skiing resort Kranjska Gora, about 10 miles from the beautiful Lake Resort of Lake Bled. There's a ski jump close to Kransjka Gora though you're hardly into that. I wouldn't bother though at that time of year unless you're into skiiing.

    I have never visited in December but I'd imagine it would be quite cold & snowy though with changing weather patterns I suppose it's hard to say but I think in winter Slovenia is more of a skiiers paradise. However the capital Lubjliana is very beautiful with a nice outdoor market (reckon it'll be an Xmas market then), nice cafe life beside the river, good street entertainment and a so so castle. As I said Lake Bled is very beautiful with a stunning castle and alot more shops & restaurants than Kranjska Gora but I'm unsure whether it is a winter resort.

    There's a very nice gorge near Lake Bled called Vintgar Gorge that you can walk however I'm not sure whether it or the back roads to it will be accessible in the winter months. Might not be the best or safest destination in icy weather.

    Much further afield is Postojna Caves & Predjama Castle but I doubt they would be accessible in the winter cause I reckon the roads will be snowed in. I reckon it wont be the best time of year to be driving around doing tonnes of sightseeing. about 9 years ago

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    You can expect temperatures from +5 to -5, add 5 on the coast, substract 5 in highlands. And yes, it's really hard ot say nowadays.

    Ljubljana is very nice in December, there's a very xmassy feeling around and there are the xmas stalls around the city center, as pointed out in the previous post. It's specially nice in the evenings, when the wine and the honey-schnaps are both served hot.

    Bled is nice in winter indeed, but Kranjska Gora is really more for skying in the winter. You can check out the sky jump in Planica, if you're lucky to hit the right date. It's a kind of a national pride.

    Postojna caves are pretty visited in the winter because it's 13 degrees inside. Don't worry about the road conditions there, there's the highway. This applies to the whole country, unless it's really a snow storm and it's late after dark (say after 10 pm). Otherwise the roads are pretty well taken care of when it's snowing, specially if you compare to west European countries, due to well prepared public services (don't forget that a third of the country is in the Alps). If it will be snowing, there will be very strong winds on the coast - again, in that case, avoid driving late in the night.

    Costal towns are nice in the winter too, but they're quite sleepy.

    Best thing to do is rent a car because everything is in a range of 100km from the capital. about 9 years ago

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