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We will be arriving in Singapore in the early hours of the morning. How easy will it be to get a taxi at that time and how safe are the taxis? Should we consider arranging for a car service to meet us at the airport instead?

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    We have taxi service 24/7 here in Singapore so you do not have to worry about transportation from airport into town. There will be a queue of taxis waiting just outside the arrival concourse for passengers. The taxi queue is well regulated by officials who will direct passengers in an orderly fashion on a first come first served fashion.
    You could of course book a taxi from the airport service counter for premium passengers and you will be met with a premium taxi right away without queuing with the general crowd.
    Alternatively, you could always book into the Airport Hotel upon your arrival (or prior to your arrival by going online) and avoid the hassle of searching for a hotel in the middle of the night, especially if you do not have a prior booking. If you really intent on being in town first thing in the morning, do make prior booking online at the many excellent hotels here before you arrive to ensure you have a room ready for you. Some hotels even have pickup service to fetch you from the airport to the hotel proper, thus saving you the trouble of looking for one in the middle of the night, especially after your tiring journey from your embarkation point wherever that may be.
    Have a pleasant stay here in Singapore and do relate your experience/s here on this Nomad website so the others may also learn from you.
    Have no worries. over 9 years ago

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    Getting a taxi will not be a problem and it's safe. over 9 years ago

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    One word of advice. Recently it has been noted that some taxi touts have been harassing tourist to hire their taxis at exorbitant rates no less. If you are being approached, just give them a firm no and go on your way. If they are persistent, approach the nearest airport security staff for assistance. These staff wears white shirts with black paths and epaulets so you will be able to spot them easily. These are also the people you can approach to help you get a taxi if you really need one and do not wish to queue with the rest of the arriving passengers. The queue can get quite long sometimes and if you are tardy and find yourself at the end of the queue, it may take you some time to reach the head of the queue.
    Basically you should have no problem getting a taxi here in Singapore as our transportation infrastructure is pretty sound and taxis are plentiful especially at the airport because of the extra surcharge the drivers can obtain only from the airport into town. This minimal surcharge (just a few extra dollars) is added to your total fare.
    Have a pleasant stay here and leave with happy memories. Remember to tell your friends, colleagues and relatives about our beautiful garden city. over 9 years ago

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    I fly to Singapore frequently and always arrive well after midnight. There is never a problem getting a taxi. The queue is just beyond customs after you collect your bags.

    The queue is managed very efficiently, like everything else in SIN.

    The fare will run about S$35 to most hotels in the city.

    Relax and dont worry about the taxi. They are all very clean and very courteous. While your in SIN, you'll come to rely on them. They are very inexpensive to get around the city, but you can only catch them at designated taxi stands, not at every street corner like New York.

    Enjoy Singapore! over 9 years ago

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    In addition to Chirstl's excellent recommendations above, I would like to add that if by early morning, you mean 7 am onwards, then you have additional means of transportation via our excellent Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) trains and buses that you can board right from the airport itself. If you have little luggage, these modes of transport will be your ideal choice as they are much much cheaper than taxis as there are no surcharges such as luggage and airport surcharges. Singaporeans know about these cheaper transportation modes and make use of them, but tourists may not be aware. So if you have little or no luggage, these alternative transportation would be highly recommended. over 9 years ago

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    Regarding getting taxis at designated taxi stands, this is true only in busy town center such as Orchard Road and it's vicinity. Elsewhere, you can hail a taxi when you see one with it's green "For Hire" lighted sign on. The red "Hired" sign means the taken has been taken. This would have been pretty obvious but I am still amazed that I have seen people, Singaporeans even, trying to hail HIRED taxis! Of course, do give consideration to taxi drivers and do not hail them at street corners as it is against traffic regulations, also not at bus stops and roads with heavy busy traffic. Give taxis plenty of warning if you hail a taxi because stopping suddenly can be hazardous both to the taxi driver and other cars following behind. over 9 years ago

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