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We are flying into Singapore and want to take a taxi to our accommodation - any local tips on safest way to travel? Are there taxi companies with child restraints?

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    Hi, The taxis we used, and saw, when there were all pretty old, basic cars. I certainly didn't see any child restraints (not that we needed them!). The traffic flow is pretty good and roads safe but you probably would prefer restraints. Have you tried contacting the hotel to see if they can assist? The other option is to use the train but the kids are just as unrestrained in them as in a car. When we came through customs there were a lot of people waiting to 'pick up' passengers. ie non taxis who charged a negotiated rate for transporting you. Perhaps you may find one of them that has restraints - it's possible they will approach you with the suggestion of transport and that they have restraints but you will need to negotiate hard to get a fair rate. Good luck! almost 11 years ago

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    dont worry thats not a problem in singapore. :) almost 11 years ago

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    Consistent with all other Asian countries (to my knowledge), taxis in Singapore are not by law required to carry child restraints... but some do. So when you get to the airport just book a taxi and specifically ask for one with child restraints. You may have to place a call or ask someone for assistance, but I doubt it'll be too much of a hassle - not much in Singapore is =) almost 11 years ago

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    Hi, i have always used the shuttle mini bus to my hotel, used to be around $8.00 per adult. we used that for my four grandchildren also, no problem although they did not need child restraints, but that was a few years ago. love being in Singapore, you will have a great time, it is so clean and such a friendly place..... Enjoy.. almost 11 years ago

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    I recommend the MRT. Goes from airport into CBD. Very cheap.
    Singapore is a very safe clean, city, unlike all of it's neighbours.

    Alternatively, use a shuttle bus would be safer than a car. almost 11 years ago

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    I agree with Dan's answer that there is no legal requirement for child restraints in taxis. If you feel safer, bring your own baby capsule. The highways and roads are the best in SE Asia and the taxi drivers are highly courteous. I lived in Singapore prior and have not heard of any bad traffic accidents. Other options are the public transport, which is one of the best in the world - MRT (Mass Rapid Transit - train/subway), buses (generally air conditioned and clean). You probably want to stick to taxis after an 8 hour flight from Australia. almost 11 years ago

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